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Circle is made of friends, co-workers, or women you’ve met in our community,

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Increasing your brand visibility can help you attract new customers and grow your business.

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We provide free meeting guides and resources help you learn new skills together.


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Networking Group

A New Weekly Networking Group. Every Tuesday. Get there by 8:45 am to order a coffee or an Italian soda or pastry to support the restaurant. Come To make connections for the purpose of supporting like-minded people and companies to build each up, to inform, educated, and create energy around designing the life and business you desire, deserve and dream of. If you can dream it, believe it, and we will support you to make it happen.

Amber Webb

Network Leader

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To Build Relationships

We believe that an increased client/customer base is the result of businesses building relationships

To Get Involved

Your level of involvement determines how much you can increase the value of your company.

To Get Referrals

Membership has its privileges because we exclusively refer our member businesses to the public.

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We are Experienced and Provide Legal Solutions

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Networking gives you a pool of Experts

Developing relationships as a business owner and offering assistance to others does more than give you potential clients or generate referrals.

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Create a Great value for your Business


We Research Business


We Build Beneficial Strategies


We provide the Positive Result

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